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Solar Panels

We provide solar panels
by leading brands and
commitment guarantee.

Tesla Powerwall

Take a Control of your
generated solar power
with Tesla Powerwall.

and Repairs

Call you now to find out
if your current solar system
is generating enough energy.

Solar Batteries

If you are still paying
good amount for electricity
you need a solar Battery.

Solar Inverters

Need a New Inverter?
Talk to us if you think your
old inverter is not gnerating enough power.

Electricity for Business

We are certified electricians
we expertise in saving bills
for your business.


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We install all Solar Systems Residential and Commercial

Unique Solar solutions is a commercial and residential solar installer in victoria. Our 360-degree Consultative approach helps homeowners make informed decisions when considering solar power.

5 kW
Solar System

  • 5kW Solar System
  • Generates 18kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 3-5 people

Solar System

  • 10kW Solar System
  • Generates 36kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 7+ people

6.6 kW
Solar System

  • 6.6kW Solar System
  • Generates 24kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 5-7 people

13.2 kW
Solar System

  • 13.2kW Solar System
  • Generates 48kWh/day (approx.)
  • Family Size : 7+ people

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When you hire us for solar installation, you know you’re getting highly qualified professionals who have the expertise and experience to make sure your installation project is accomplished properly
and switching to new energy is flowless.

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