Most affordable Solar Systems in Victoria

We understand the importance of Metamorphosis and professionalism

For over ten years now, our focal point has been to deliver top-notch service for our clients with prominence in communication and close attention to detail.

We began Unique Solar Solutions with one attentive goal: to build a company that can not only compete with large construction firms but also satisfies our clients with our eminent service.

We call it small business gain with a huge business benefit. Today, 75
percent of our business comes from a primary group of legacy customers: an attestation to our commitment to building strong, long-term working relationships.


Expertise, discipline and precision

We are working as a Solar Consultant and Solar Installation Company in Victoria holding hands of our clients and ensure they get the best solar products and optimum solar inputs availble for their household or Business.

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Solar Installation


We understand the importance of feeling good and building modern society.

At Unique Solar Solutions, we consider our clients’ opinions and ensure that we are always up to date with the developing society by using the latest technology and solar products to guarantee tip-top quality to brings more savings for our customers. We work with you on all of your green energy ideas. We keep you up to date on the latest greenest solar practices and products.

Solar Energy

We work with you throughout the whole process of from your solar requirement to apply for solar rebates to installation and activation to ensure the best outcome.

Best Solar

Working as a Consultant we ensure you receive the best deals and maximize your savings without hassles and spending a lot of time. Our Commitment is our Guarantee.


Our Techs have done solar installations so many times that they know how to get the best outputs from your solar system. We deliver great value, without question.